What kind of car do I need?
The most important advantage of the Teardrop Camper is that it is made out of strong, yet very light materials. Almost all vehicles on the road over 800Kgs can safely and legally carry one of our models. All you need is to install a trailer tow hook on your car and drive away…

Can anyone drive with the trailer hooked onto the car?
Yes. Hooking up the Teardrop Camper to your vehicle does not require a special permit. Of course, if you have never attached a trailer to your car before, you may want someone experienced to show you how to do it safely, but this would be no more than a five minute tutorial.

How many people can sleep in the Camper ?
There are a few possibilities. In all of our models, two large adults can sleep comfortably. Depending on size, two parents can comfortably sleep with a small child, or one parent, with two children. If you take advantage of our great awning (the “Extra Room”) then parents can sleep comfortably in privacy in the Teardrop, while children are in sleeping bags or on foldable beds in the attachable tent.

Where can I sleep with my Teardrop Camper ?
Anywhere. Very simple. Wherever overnight camping is legal, like campgrounds, is the perfect spot for the Teardrop.

Is it allowed to transport people in the Teardrop Camper?
Absolutely not! It’s very dangerous and against the law. People who drive with you may only be transported inside the carrying vehicle with their safety belts fastened. It will be very convenient for you since all bags, foldable tables, the ice box and extra items can all be conveniently stored inside your camper. Bikes and gear are attached outside and everything can be easily unpacked when you arrive.

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Is it possible to lock my Camper ?
Absolutely!  There are doors with locks and latched windows. Many also add beautiful curtains for the inside. You can also lock your camper from the inside when you sleep and from the outside when you leave it for a few hours.
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How do I store my Camper ?
On days that you will not use it, it is recommended to park your camper in a shaded space, under a roof, or inside a building. It is highly recommended to purchase a cover to protect your investment from sun and rain damage. If the unit is not in use for longer than two months, it is recommended to take off the cover and leave the Berale open for a few hours to prevent humidity or mold.

Does this product require any permit?
Indeed. Each country in Europe has its own laws about licensing and insuring a trailer that is hooked to a car. Your dealer should be able to give you the exact legal directions for your country.

Is there any guarantee for the product?
Absolutely. We provide a guarantee certificate for one year for all components except for normal amortization or damage caused by wrong use or wild driving on the road or off-road. There are special driving regulations for towing this kind of unit and we recommend not to exceed the allowed speed on any given road. In addition, it is advisable to slow down on damaged road or on roads with “bumpers”. While off-road driving,  it is recommended to drive on relatively good trails and not faster than 15 km/h. For driving backwards, it is recommended to train a bit and to drive very slowly. If another person is available nearby, it is advisable to use his assistance for directions and for warnings about nearby children or objects.

What is the best way to enjoy my new Teardrop Camper ?
A Camper should be treated as an additional room in your home. Driving to an (open air) concert in Milan or London? Why not stay there to sleep afterwards? Going to the Austrian Alps for a day of mountain climbing or to bum around on the beaches of Rimnini? It’s possible to take two chairs and a folding table, read a book, or chat while having a bottle of wine until one goes to sleep. The Camper is a perfect way to eliminate unnecessary rushing or driving late at night.

Driving to see friends in a nearby city or village? Just park in their back yard and then enjoy sleeping in your own Teardrop Camper without bothering your hosts. In the morning, you can join them for coffee and then drive back home …

The Teardrop Camper experience enhances quality time with the kids, too. There is nothing comparable to taking your son or daughter for a quiet evening in the woods and enjoying a “heart to heart” conversation next to a fire. This will be an experience you and your kids will never forget! And it will be easy to do again, whenever you’d like!

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