The Splash
The ultra modern Splash is our brand new design.  Sleek, aerodynamic and weighing just 240kg,  this is our most gas efficient model and perfect for towing behind your small vehicle, smart car or trike!  It has dual voltage electrical for all your gadgets, plenty of storage and even a place for your bikes. The star-gazer windows and plush mattress are cozy and romantic for the couple on the go!

splash-1  splash-3  splash-4

The Alpina is the classic of all Teardrop Camper Models. It offers a versatile rear hatchback for a kitchenette/working area and a comfortable, well ventilated nights rest. This model is made by Little Guy USA and comes with a front platform for additional cargo or an XXL platform for a 4 wheeler ( ATV ).

Alpina Camper Alpina Camper with small car Alpina Camper back

The MEDITERANE camper is the newest and most innovative 2 person camper on the market. Developed by the American Teardrop Camper maker Little Guy USA, the MEDITERANE model is the prettiest addition to the autostradas and campgrounds of Europe…

Mediterane camper in Germany Mediterane camper couple Mediterane camper relaxation

Cargo Models
Generally speaking, all our models are available in the “CARGO” configuration. A Cargo model comes as an open space with nothing inside so you have the total volume of the cabin available to transport lightweight goods. If you have a delivery business or want a mobile workshop, this model is for you. It is available with or without windows and comes standard with one door on the right hand side and a hatchback opening. It can also be used for playing on the weekends!

Open Cargo Camper Cargo Camper with Gear Cargo Camper at night

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