Camp-Runner was founded in 2008 to bring Europeans the joy of the Teardrop Camper and a unique camping experience. The teardrop became an instant classic in America when it was first introduced in the 1930′s and now Europeans have discovered that Camp-Runner is the way to travel light, smart and clean.

Camp-Runner offers a lightweight camping solution which can be easily managed by one person and towed by almost any vehicle, including a mini or a trike! ¬†It’s the fuel efficient and low cost option for enjoying nature and all your favorite outdoor activities. Whenever you’re ready for a new adventure, just go!

For your maximum enjoyment, we offer a product made of the strongest materials in the caravan industry and a variety of unique accessories, luxuries and electrical conveniences. ¬†Everything is “ready to go” so that you have only to bring your favorite novel, drinks and foods to enjoy. Perhaps bring your favorite friend along, too? Enjoy the romance of a classic camping experience!

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